Becoming the Modern Leader

Our workshop explores how leaders can leverage their own strength and self awareness to have the greatest impact on their team. We understand the privilege and power of effective leadership and emphasise how best to cascade positive change throughout your business

Change from the top, down. Create a team of inspirational leaders...

By leveraging principles of positive psychology we provide new solutions to the most common challenges facing today's leaders.

We demonsrtate that positive leadership is not just a morally sound approach, but is one of the most important factors impacting the bottom line.

Our evidence-based workshop is grounded in the fact the positive leaders are better at driving change, empowering innovation, developing a competitive advantage, building loyalty and motivating and inspiring teams.

We provide your team with the tools to make that change...


Fiona Barron

Co-Founder & CEO of The Happiness Hub, Fiona's background in Clinical Psychology provides the scientific grounding to our content.

Saleem Ali

Saleem Ali

Co-Founder of The Happiness Hub, Saleem integrates over 15-years of global corporate management experience into our sessions.

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